Viticulture Intern

Application ends: June 30, 2024
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Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Viticulture Intern is expected to:
• Help collect vineyard data, including Yield Estimates and Maturity Control
• Learn how to recognize vineyard pests, diseases, and vine physiology and phenology
• Assist in daily vineyard scouting for Pest/Disease
• Assist in tracking Vineyard Phenology
• Arrive to the vineyard or office on time

Preferred Requirements:
• Currently pursuing a degree in Agricultural, Horticultural, or Fermentation Sciences
• Must have a reliable vehicle and a valid US driver’s license
• Able to communicate in English; Spanish is a plus
• Be comfortable hiking variable terrain like the vineyard- flats or hillside slopes
• Be comfortable in variable weather conditions including hot temperatures and rain
• Understand and follow strict safety rules around moving equipment and agricultural chemicals
• Dress appropriately for the job, (long-sleeved shirt, hats, boots, etc.)
• Able to lift to 50lbs.
• Able to take written and verbal directions via, texts, email, phone calls, etc.

Preferred Requirements (cont.):
• Enthusiasm to learn and continue to increase their Viticulture/Vineyard Management knowledge
• Confidence to reach out and ask questions when needed
• There is potential for the intern to conduct an independent study or project if needed for degree/internship requirements

Internship period:
This position is full time from early June to mid-September, depending on the start of Harvest. The Company is flexible and willing to work with Class schedules when assigning tasks outside of key Viticulture Times (Yield Estimates, Maturity Sampling).
There is opportunity for the Viticulture Intern to transition into the winery early September to assist in Winery Harvest Operations.
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