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About Company

At the Wine International Association (WIA), our journey began with a simple yet profound passion for wine with the commitment to its evolution as a global business phenomenon. Our mission is to establish the world’s largest and finest B2B wine community, a global network dedicated to enhancing networking and commerce within the wine sector. WIA is a hub for wine people and businesses, offering a network focused on the commercial aspects of the wine industry.

WIA stands as a pivotal force in the wine business world, fostering a community that shares a common goal – to explore, expand, and excel the global B2B wine network. Established in response to the evolving challenges of the global wine market, we have rapidly emerged as a key player. We promote extensive networking and business opportunities, uniting a broad range of stakeholders from local vineyards to international wine businesses and professionals, all driven by a shared passion for wine and a commitment to excellence in the global wine industry.

Our mission is to promote and support wine people and wine businesses globally. We aim to inspire better business values in the wine industry, and add all the more sparkling joy to the business of wine and winemaking for future generations.