Japan Wine Association

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About Company

The Japan Wine Association (JWA) supports and promotes networking and trade relations between Japan and the international community with the aim to elevating the prominence and appreciation of Japanese wineries and Japanese wines on a global scale.


Our mission is to create a significant and refined wine community; we aim to spotlight Japan winemaking, showcasing the exquisite wines produced by local wineries that embody the rich terroir and innovative spirit of Japanese viticulture.


Rooted in a shared passion for discovering and celebrating top-quality wines, the Japan Wine Association was established in response to the global challenges facing the wine industry, including those uniquely experienced by Japanese wineries. As an expanding entity, we champion networking and trade within the international wine sector, serving as a vibrant nexus for winemakers, influencers, buyers, professionals, and enthusiasts.


Our efforts are dedicated to promoting the exceptional offerings of the wine lifestyle, with a particular focus on the distinguished contributions of Japanese wineries.


The resilience and innovation demonstrated by Japanese wineries, especially in the face of the global pandemic, have been a source of inspiration. Our objective is to recognize and honor excellence within the global wine industry, ensuring that the remarkable achievements of individuals and wineries, particularly those in Japan, are celebrated and acknowledged worldwide.


JWA actively supports wine companies of any size by providing invaluable exposure and opportunities through various platforms such as our website, business events, an online magazine, trade shows, podcasts, social media, and active engagement within our wine business community. We are committed to facilitating networking and promotional opportunities while offering essential marketing and consulting services tailored.


With Japan’s wine trade reaching record levels, an increasing number of stakeholders are turning to us to expand their networks and promote their exceptional products and activities between Japan and the global wine community.