About Company

Before Oakville became an appellation, before Groth made the first 100-point wine in Napa, the vineyard was born from a family dream, the friendship of neighbors and a huge leap of faith. Over 40 years later, Groth remains 100% family owned and operated by the Groth family. Today, Groth sustainably farms two estates totaling 165 acres with the dual goals of production the highest-quality, most elegant wines possible, while caring for our estate for future generations.

In 1985, we made our Oakville vineyard our family home. While Atari’s business began to wane, our belief in our vineyards continued to grow. Judy and I took the leap and went all-in without a backup plan. We put all our eggs in one basket and decided we’d watch that basket very, very carefully — turning our dream into our life’s work, fully invested in every aspect of our farming and winemaking. We were rewarded with an unparalleled vintage, one that, three years later, became our 100-point Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

It’s exciting to lead Groth into its next generation as our shared belief, curiosity and dedication drive us to continually evolve.

Wine has always played a role in my life; it’s intertwined in every memory. I was about eight or nine when we first visited our Oakville vineyard. My parents had wanted to buy a vineyard for a while; wine had always been a love of theirs. There were weekends when my mom would pack the Ford station wagon full of groceries, dogs and us kids. Once my dad got off work, we’d head two hours north from Santa Clara Valley to search for a property. That weekend we found our Oakville vineyard, I remember very well. Ren Harris, our Realtor and future neighbor, met us in his open-air Jeep. We piled in for what we kids thought was a grand adventure.